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GOJRAWords are not enough to condemn the horrific incident that has taken place in Gojra. As the reports are still sketchy, the communal violence has until now costed 8 lives while the Rangers is out there to control the violence. In this barbaric episode, the dead included 4 women and a child, all belonging to Christian community.
Living in Pakistan, this is one thing that you witness rarely. As a matter of fact it is more to the foundation on which we stand, that guarantees that minorities must be protected and given equal opportunity. Having been moved by this incident, I did a little research and came out with astonishing result.
It was alleged that by a Christian desecration of Holy Quran had taken place, not in Gojra but a small town outside it. There was no clear evidence in this regard. The news spread like a fire and the mob clashed, with the result quite evident. In this regard, the response of the police was pathetic, as the first clash had taken place few days back, but no immediate action was taken and the second deadly episode was a clear result of this negligence. The situation is now under control (atleast thats what you hear from the authorities) but the sad part is that politics is still being played over this issue. The President has been submitted an inquiery report by the minority minister of the state while Shahbaz Sharif and his team are going there own way, and he has also ordered a judicial inquiry. Even now while the smoke is still rising, one can hear sources saying that the centre and the provincial administration are a world apart on this issue.
As the events unfold, there are reports that incident was in no way a remote act, but it seems that it was a pre planned action, and the miscreants have seceded in bringing a whole city on the verge of a civil war. It seems that a simple “misunderstanding” has lead to the death of 8 innocent people, and its important that this issue must be probed in a proper manner, so that no one can exploit the element of religion to spread hatred for others.
To all the minorities living in Pakistan, you are like our brothers and we are equally saddened by your loss, and we pray that together we can live side by side, as we have done in the past


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