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Keeping in view with the practice of past executives, President Zardari also embraced the attribute of not thinking before making decision. The action in question is undoubtedly the 3am counter attack on the welfare of common man, during which he has through an ordinance made void the decrease in oil prices. It seems that Mr Zardari is quite keen oon giving surprises after midnight. To reaffirm this claim, we have last month 1am speech( though it is yet to be understood what was the aim) and the restoration of  judiciary decision.


His new action is simply out of context, and it seems clear that Mr Zardari has not taken any lesson from his predecessor, Gen Musharaff. In any case if he had, he wouldnt have gone out against judiciary in any case like this. But his action has placed the whole institution at odds with each other. Now lets hope some advisor from judiciary does not bring NRO to the table.

          An executive going against the wishes of the masses, simply non understandable. If this saga continues like this, soon the polls will be showing Mr President support in negative figures.



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