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For the Pakistani nation, it has often been commented that they have 2 attributes in abundance; forget and forgive. My opinion is also quite close to this. Just a day earlier, the Supreme Court came all out to put a restraint on the non sense policies of the current regime. By this I am referring to the suspension of carbon tax( God knows from where this term came any way), much to the relief of the masses. CJ and the entire judiciary, had gathered the entire nation behind them during the crisis of 2007-9 and their re instatement came with loads of expectation.



But after the reinstatement, a common feeling developed that he has more or less become a symbol of free judiciary, and practically he will hardly make any difference. While saying this, there were also significant developments that pointed in this direction. The missing person case never re surfaced, on Swat peace agreement the Supreme Court was simply helpless and numerous other matters were ignored too. On the other hand, during the same time significant ground level work was also done by CJ and his team. First of all the initiative to reorganize the prision structure of Pakistan, announcement of National Judicial Policy for the first time and other matters attracted much applause. In others word, instead of taking the unfaithful governance head on, CJ gave more attention to the grass root level.  But the disappointment on the face of a common man is quite evident, as still no answer is available on the massive load shedding with energy prices still rising, billions distributed in the name of income support programme but its outcome nowhere to be seen, a war like situation all around but still an unclear policy followed by the executive and much more. This recent action might be the green signal for what many waited. Though it is no more than a suspension order, still one can sense some movement around the bush. Lets hope it is in the positive manner.



Meanwhile, I will not limit my criticism to the government only. Its time that the most senior politician and the main opposition force, Mr Nawaz Sharif understand his responsibility. His party and his silence can be translated as “ridiculous”. I say this because after every initiative they can raise  a thousand cry, but it has no utilization. In the name of “friendly opposition”, they are silently witnessing foundation of this castle cracking. The budget passed unanimously without any real interference, and now opposition to these taxes shows the visionary approach carried by our opposition. Same was the case during Swat peace agreement. Wake up and start doing the job, you are responsible for.

Hamid Majid Abbasi


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