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It has been going on for a long while now, but unfortunately neither an effort has been to solve this issue nor there is a will from any concerned party to understand it. Ofcourse I am referring to the uprising going on in the Chinese Muslim majority Sinkiang province, which until now has been sidelined by one justification or the other. Same was the feeling I had on this case, because for my a group of “sick head”, supported largely by West was planning to disturb the peaceful situation in China like that in Tibet, but some recent development has forced me to change my mind.



_44533480_tibet_ap466b Around 2000 protestors took to the street, in protest for the policies carried out by Chinese authorities against the minority Muslims. At the end of the day, 140 out of them ended dead while around 900 severely injured. Let me remind that the protestors were unarmed. This barbaric killing has removed the curtain from the real matter, which is that a brutal oppressing campaign is going on in China, and there is no stop to it as far as I can see. Being the closest ally of China and its neighbour, Pakistan was neutralized by China straight away by saying that the uprising was backed by elements inside Pakistan, probably Waziristan, and they had close links to Taliban. Already in a war against the Taliban, Pakistan has given an all clear to the Chinese and in this process handed over some elements to Beijing that it named, without any avail. But it doesn’t stop here. It was just an eye wash, and there was no evidence that proved that the Muslims out there were linked to Taliban or they were inspired by them.

            This policy of Pakistan and the rest of the Muslim world will not help any one especially China as well. I say this because the protestors are demanding not separation, but freedom to live there life according to there traditions. This is the same picture we have seen in the past, either in former Soviet Union( Central Asian States) or the way it is ongoing in other parts as well. The only logic which justifies this cold shoulder from Pakistan and other Muslim countries as well is simple, China has been a friendly power to the Muslim world. To this fact, I never had any reservation and I consider myself a staunch supporter of Sino-Pak friendship. When I say something must be done, it is because I feel that this “silence” policy will harm Muslims and Chinese there alike. Chinese must be made clear that this uprising is only and solely because of there inhuman attitude to these people, and in order to settle this issue, they have to come to the negotiating table with them. If not Pakistan, Organization of Islamic Country(OIC) can play a mediating role in this case, because keeping this case in pending file will make it worse, and soon the grief stricken population will find Osama or Taliban as there sole hope. So action must be done before that.



In case most of you say Pakistan has nothing to do with this, let me remind you that originally we had this stance, but it was Chinese who blamed elements in Pakistan for this uprising, and for a long lasting Sino-Pak relation, this issue must be settled.

Hamid Majid Abbasi


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