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Qari Zain uddin Mehsud, who came to lime light a few days back after announcing that he will take Baitullah Mehsud head on, has been assassinated. Zain, the leader of Tehreek e Taliban (Abdullah Mehsud Group) went further by stating that Baitullah is an American and Indian agent, and that he was behind the assassination of BB.

            It was believed that with Zain’s support, action against Baitullah will be much easier, owing to the fact that he had attracted many prominent tribal parties toward his outfit. His revelations recently have created a huge storm, and it was reported that Western diplomats were more concerned of him coming out with facts. Zain was also quoted of saying that the real Jihad is against NATO in Afghanistan, not against Pakistani troops, and this has raised many eyebrows. Baitullah and Zain had a long history. Baitullah killed Zain’s father in a bomb attack, whereas Zain responded by killing the younger brother of Baitullah, Yahya.

            Again, his killing in D.I.Khan shows the intensity attached with this menace, and the number of parties and there interests. Some time back, a convoy carrying key persons of TNSM was attacked and eliminated in Swat, which was a huge intelligence loss to the operation.


Zainuddin Mehsud

Zainuddin Mehsud


Hamid Majid Abbasi


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