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7d91359666372571f95db5d280ae4266It was no less than a surprise to read in today’s paper, regarding US ultimatum to India, for the closure of its consulate in Jalalabad. The development occurred during the ongoing trip of US under secretary of state to India. But what does it mean? The Indian consulate have been named time and time again by Pakistan, for there involvement and funding of militant forces, operating in Balouchistan and Tribal areas. From 2004, Pakistani establishment has named Kandahar and Jalalabad consulates as the safe heavens for the separatist forces. Although they were under pressure from both national and international media to come out with clear evidences, it seems that the breakthrough has come, which has also convinced US. With Americans signaling the closure of these terror safe houses, they have made it clear that India was and is involved in these activities, which is harmful for the peace of both Afghanistan and Pakistan. In any case, this will serve as a knock out blow for Indians, where it has a lot at stakes, owing to the massive investments and future plans, they have made vis a vis Afghanistan.

Hamid Majid Abbasi


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