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juhadistkhanbillboardlargeThis day holds a special place, not in the history of Pakistan alone, but for the entire Muslim nation. This was the day, 11 years back when Pakistan, became the 1st Islamic state to acquiere nuclear capability. This new breed of lethal arsenal was introduced by US back in 1945, under its Manhattan Project. Later USSR(1949), Britain(1952), France(1960), China (1964) and India(1974) jumped in. Out of recored, Pakistan became the 7th state to have this capability.
The case of Pakistan was special, as it had to battle economic crisis, wars and sanction but still with full devotion and determination, its brave scientists were able to achieve this milestone.
After 9/11, with US in Afghanistan, it has been warned time and time again that America, along with Israel and India, is infact after the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan. Sometime they take up ISI and military propaganda, while on other occasion they ring the bells that Taliban are just 80km away from Islamabad, and the terrorist will get there hands on these devices…….All rubbish!
For US, this week has especially turned into a sleepless one, with North Korea coming out openly as having the nuclear capability, and also displayed it with explosions. At this front, US and the West have failed miserably. Bush, in his famous”axis of the evil” address did mention North Korea, but fearing a response from China and Russia, only went for diplomacy.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has haunted the West for quite long, and with his country now nuclear, no one will expect a General Douglas Mc Arthur style invasion of the Korea. But this development, whether good or bad, has for sure taken Pakistan out of the firing lane of the West. As long as they join there heads to find a solution on the best, Pakistan army and the establishment will get the breathing space they require, to fight out the menace faced at home.
For 28 May, I would like to wish A.Q.Khan best of health, a salute to all those who contributed to the nuclear Pakistan, and made its defences so strong.
Pakistan Zindabad

Hamid Majid Abbasi



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