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N-Manmhan-singh-8_20090522_081509I was planning to write something, in order to congratulate our newly reelected neighboring PM Manmohan Singh, but I have been forced to change my plans. Top news sources have carried a story today, regarding a recent conversation between him and the US President Obama. His noble intentions toward Pakistan goes like this:

“ Pakistan has already collapsed, and in the cloud of debris you are unable to see it clearly. You are 10 minutes behind in regards to Pakistan in your policy”

Going on, as usual he again narrated the tale of Mumbai attacks and the Pakistani link, and his expression that as Kohat is about to fall, Pakistan’s nuclear asset will also go, and India will not wait and see all this happening.

One other aspect worth mentioning is the fact which is described as, “both India and Israel are on the same wave length”

By this its simple, Israel has forwarded the case of Iran and Indians have done the same in regards to Pakistan. So they both have joined hands(nothing new) especially in case of Pakistan to cause maximum harm as they can.

In fact, this hasn’t surprised me. No doubt the fire which is burning has been lit by our Eastern neighbor. Just for a recall, a month back I wrote an article with the title” The great game for Pakistan and the clash of interest”, where I stated that unexpectedly, the public opinion and the policy makers in US are of a strong view that Pakistan’s perils are originally caused by US bias policy toward South Asia and a destabilized Pakistan will send shock waves through the entire region. In these circumstances Pakistan can utilize both US and China on its side, while the the “axis of devil” i.e India, Israel and Russia are all out to play with our vary foundation and existence.

May be this serve as a wake up call for Pakistani policy makers, who still believe that exchanging spies like Kashmir Singh for dead Pakistani cricket fans and saying “we want CBM” while they cut our life line i.e the river water in changing there approach and coming out with complete evidence of these elements operating inside Pakistan


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