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From the last two weeks, there hasn’t been any forum where the bone of contention isn’t Swat peace deal and Maulana Sufi Mohammad. Where the nature has divided us into two groups commonly reffered as “Have & Have not”, we more recently have divided ourselves between those who vocally oppose this deal, or those who all out supported the deal. From my side, I have also supported the initiative of the govt, ofcourse the Parliamentary consensus, to go for a peace deal, and as far as the deal is concerned, I still stand my ground. But as I see the reservation, which I must admit are on a rise day by day, it is time to really figure whats wrong? The peace deal has no problem with it. I mean the Taliban will be disarmed, life will return to the previous way and the people of Swat will be granted a system, for which they have strived. As far as this is concerned, I don’t feel there is no trouble with it. But the question of “if” was left in the box by the ANP government. I term this for the fact that currently we see the fear in the eyes of our people as the establishment has no alternate plan it seems, in case the Taliban fail to keep there words. This is the real concern which must be addressed. I am writing this peace of article, after following the news item for more than 2 days, carrying horrifying accounts of Taliban led troops taking over Buner, a strategically very important place. Not only this, two important developments on international level should be kept in mind also. a) Yesterday, US Secy of State Hilary Clinton, in an astonishing move addressed the people of Pakistan, urging them to openly oppose the Talibanization and the peace deals taking place. What? Are they portraying that the democratically elected government installed in Pakistan has gone insane, and US has lost all its trust on it? b) Recently, the western media especially CNN was quoted reporting that with the huge military presence of Taliban forces in Swat, Islamabad can be the next target. I was amazed to see Wolf Blitzer(Situation Room, CNN) last night giving an update that Buner has fallen and now the forces of Taliban are nearly 60km away from Islamabad. Someone sitting in LA or Paris must be assuming that its Somalia sort of situation in Pakistan. So whats the centre point to this whole discussion? My friend its very simple. Its ok with the Swat Deal, but now we want our forces to openly declare that any Taliban forces outside the valley of Swat will be taken as the hostile army, and they will be traced and eliminated in any manner, possible. We have for a larger goal appeased them, but it is still time to define the limits for them. INSHALLAH Pakistan will remain the land of the BLessed


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