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It seems that the domestic political saga, which was threatning the foundation of democracy in Pakistan, is drawing to a close. Although the two main political parties of Pakistan, namely PPP and PML-N were at odds over many issues, the basic “bone of contention” remained judiciary and presidential powers. The alarm bells were sounded earlier, with Nawaz withdrawing his men out from the cabinet, the drop scene ofcourse was the disqualification of the Sharif’s and the imposition of Governor rule in Punjab. For PML-N, even the first pill was hard to swallow, but the way establishment attacked its mendate and stronghold of Punjab, was unbearable.

                 The days following this development, took many of us back through the memory lanes of 1990’s. The way members of both parties were fighting on media, and the way respective leadership was accusing each other, gave a clear signal that we are here for a showdown. From the Presidential camp, it was a costly and totally miscalculated maneuvour. Especially, I say this for the fact that Nawaz has been riding high in public eye, and also that he was on the same side as 95% of the Pakistan was.  Out of power, it was no less than a suicide to go all out for the cause of judiciary so vocally, and that also when it was to take the establishment head on. 

                   The initial response left many in doubt, regarding myself, about the future of the whole struggle. The crackdown was intense and immense as well. The way state apparatus was used to crush down the Long March, again revealed that our politicians as well as establishment, still lack the basic lesson of democracy, tolerance.  Article 144 has become a blessing for those in power, especially when it also removes the barrier of privacy and freedom of expression. The caravans from Sindh, Balouchistan and NWFP could never make it through the proper channel, but it is to be mentioned that a sizeable number of participant, bearing all the hardship, did make it.  This was the prove, that it was never limited to a province or a party.

        Anydoubt was removed on 15th, when Lahore came all out to oppose this injustice, not only to them, but for there generations to come. The caravan was blessed, and pressed ahead against all odds. It is worth mentioning that it was not Mr Sharif alone who started the uprising in Laahore that day. Entire that evening, workers from JUi, Tehreek-e-Insaf and ordinary citizen fought running battles, dodging police and registering there protest. The morning of 16th came with a change, which we all want for our beautiful land. PM Gillani, COAS Kiyani and also the outside powers played the game in the right way, and convinced the President that it is now or never. WIth this issue settled, all we want is a combined effort, to uplift this peace of land, and make it a heaven for those, who will come after it.

Right now, steps are going in the right direction. President adress is welcomed as it did remove much of the tensions regarding Punjab, ALthough much is still to be settled regarding disqualification cases of Sharif,s, Presidential powers and ofcourse the question of PCO judges, but it is hoped by many like me that in the same spirit as they have started this time, things will be settled.

May Allah bless this Land





  1. but bigger question is whether we are going to see political calm in rest four years of ppp government,million dollar question.

    • well my dear,
      personally keeping the track record insight, idont either expect, nor one should hope? now your question will be why?
      Yasin, democracy is a strange “marriage of convenience”, where intrests rule rather than personality or friendships. The last setup of Jamali, Shujaat and Aziz did complete 5 years, but it landed us at a dead end. They can only stay there if they deserve it, and thats what democracy is.
      I heard the best definition of democracy from Tony Blair, which goes like this
      ” It is democracy, when the people can change the rulers by the simple power of vote”
      and this is the truth. It is not guarenteed that if they spend 5 year in a coalation, Pakistan will be a totally changed country. So only that should remain, which is compatible,
      Regards Budddy

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