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Well like many in Pakistan, to me it also seemed that at last we have bid farewell to a war zone type of scenario, and atlast we will move to the land of peace that we always opted.
If you find my wording a bit exaggarated, i must remind you the time that with every bang, we used to grasp our cell phones and either call or text our loved ones, asking them if they were lucky enough to have survived the carnage of suicide bombing, or has it been too late?
Yes, after all that we saw the peace returning to Swat, an end to the military operattion and a takeover of Taliban forces of one of the most desireable places in Pakistan, Swat. Although I myself had many reservation regarding the Maulana Sufi Mohammad lead peace accord, but for sure it brought calm and peace to the entire peninsuela, and for most of Pakistanis that mattered the most.
Secondly sitting in our cozy lounges, we can comment but one thing has to be taken into account, and that is the forces of TTP survived because of an overwhelming local support, and the will of the inhabitants has to be taken into accord. The other factor which favoured us greatly was the fact that our external masters,sorry to use this word, did not disagree largely. Even if you watch across the border, Afghanistan where it all started, still we find Karzai going to an extent that he will host Mullah Omar. This clearly shows that reconcillation is the talk of the town. Even Americans, after the hectic war in Iraq, had to move to the table of talks with groups like Mehdi Militia. In this context, this peacedeal puts us morally and legally at a right place.
But, like before our establishment seems to ignore all. A recent statement by Pres. Asif Zardari to sky news was really shocking, in which he ctegorically stated that he has not agreed or
signed the peace deal, and immediately we have witnessed the wave of attack returning, the most notable ofcourse is the Sitara Market bombing in the capital.
For a reminder, earlier the same situation emerged when the provincial government of NWFP went forward with the deal, but Mr Rehman Malik stalled the process. As a result, hundred died in the carnage that followed. So for the time being it is important for those in power to realize and decide, atleast once by taking Pakistan into account. Or else we can all keep our finger crossed for “WHAT NEXT TO COME”.


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